What Do Performance-Enhancing Drugs Do To Your Body?

Here,you're studying pros and cons today we're going to talk about steroids so beautiful take the needle and just put it yourself somewhere and you get big you get gigantic and get veiny you get increased sexual drive they will kill you shrink your dick and ball well not you dick it's your ball definitely like pee really sorry you have a edge over your competitors if they're not using them they help you performance out greatly when it comes to body building you're going to get high blood pressure you're going to get hair loss you're going to have difficulty breathing back to me all the equipment usually have a bench to lay on your back and some of these dudes the pimples pop when you're in there I'm a jet sometimes you do be having the best day and you will literally be driving at a red light and just bust out crying I mean you have pregnant women then you have like bodybuilders on bunch steroids like i don't know who who's worse be in the room I don't know, I still don't know casey what's for dinner some of the vitamins are taking so much there was you don't know whether they're the pregnant woman or the pregnant woman is the pregnant woman get hold of that you know saying my some crunches on yeah if you roll those are the cons of taking steroids it's a recipe for disaster. 
Steroids steroid use and steroid abuse Alright so I'm talking about the pros And cons of taking steroids what I think About steroids if you want to ask me my Opinion about this if you aren’t going Pro don't be a ho and take some juicy Now just look good man.  
Would you take performance-enhancing drugs that could help you become an Olympic  champion what if that drug had some serious negative side effects these drugs are banned in sports but that doesn't stop some athletes from taking them so what do they do and how do they work let's start off with the most famous of these drugs anabolic steroids when these are taken the body breaks them down into smaller molecules that can enter cells and bind to a structure called an end Rochin receptor normally testosterone binds to this but anabolic steroids can - and from here the real magic begins see once the androgen receptor is activated your body starts to produce more proteins during the process of anabolism the cells and your skeletal muscles start to replicate and this means that your muscles will start to grow and you'll become stronger in fact in men exercise and steroids could lead to a 38 percent increases in strength and potentially even more for women and not only that but anabolic steroids can also help athletes train harder and recover faster by shortening catabolism the process in which proteins are broken down into amino acids but of course not all the effects of anabolic steroids are positive it can cause acne high blood pressure and male pattern baldness in both men and women they can cause men's testicles to shrink and decrease sperm count and increase your risk for prostate cancer and women using these steroids can develop facial hair a deepened voice and their periods may change or even totally stop so genuinely don't utilize these yet imagine a scenario in which a competitor isn't generally worried about muscle quality yet rather needs to enhance their continuance this is the place blood doping proves to be useful banned from the sport for life the goal of blood doping is to increase the amount of oxygen carrying red blood cells in the blood and this is usually done with either blood transfusions using your own blood or by injecting yourself with erythropoietin a molecule that stimulates the production of more red blood cells and the basic idea is that the more oxygen that can get to your body's muscles the more endurance