The Pharmaceutical Industry in The Success Stories of Indian Growth

Over the years Indian pharmaceutical companies have stands out to be one of the leading businesses which have provided great turnovers and growth. According to one of the report by FICCI in 2005 has stated that the Indian pharmaceutical sector is the outstanding provider of more than 95% of health care products and serving to a population of 1.1 billion.
The performance is limited to the domestic front as it has also crosses the border and has excelled in international market. Now these pharmaceutical companies needs an authorization to market their products with right monopoly and they can use their brand name, company name and other commercial activity on behalf of company. So to look out for the product’s trademarks, brand names and other commercial activities are granted by the government to authorize their commercial activities under their pharmaceutical franchise.
Now what are the benefits of investing under a franchise?
Cutting the expenses down
Pharma companies invest so much of their expenditure on retailers and hiring employees. But by investing in a franchise companies marketing and promotion costs actually come down as it helps in reduction of man power and expenses related to it. This also results in low administrative cost as one marketing franchise can manage whole countries marketing....(Read More)