What sorts of drug specialists get under your skin?

I don't claim to be any superior to some other drug specialist. I have my own particular decent amount of characteristics, erraticisms, idiosyncrasies, and unfortunate propensities, none of which I will portray in this discourse. 
At the present time, I will depict the kinds of drug specialists who bother me. 
Try not to send me an angry email saying that I'm exactly the kind of drug specialist you don't care for working with, despite the fact that your reactions are presumably substantial. This is about you. In the event that you need to scrutinize me, compose your own particular analysis. 
Here are a portion of the drug specialists who get under my skin: 
Narcissistic youthful PharmDs 
I don't care for those PharmDs who see BS Pharms as their inferiors. I don't care for working with narcissistic youthful PharmDs who feel they are God's blessing to drug store and our arrangement of medicinal services. Their consciences have been developed to stratospheric levels first by their folks and later by their drug store teachers. 
Recently stamped drug specialists are here and there given the position of drug specialist in-control (PIC) since none of the more seasoned drug specialists needs the position. These youthful drug specialists let themselves know, "My manager sees what a remarkable individual I am." in all actuality, the more seasoned drug specialists want to be accountable for the drug store division in the sweatshops known as chain drugstores. 
One drug specialist kept in touch with me, "I am not awed with the youthful PharmDs. They are arrogant and the vast majority of them are languid. At the present time, the children go into it for the cash. Each understudy [I work with] answers that they connected to drug store school in light of the pay." 
Another drug specialist stated, "The issue I see is that a large number of the new graduates are not butt sufficiently centric and don't comprehend that they should be large and in charge constantly. However, that is our age's blame, for telling our children how incredible they were the point at which they were growing up." 
Too moderate 
A few drug specialists are simply excessively darned moderate. I would say, not very many points get drug specialists more washed than moderate drug specialists. These moderate drug specialists are regularly liberal and self-consumed. They don't appear to acknowledge or mind how much disorder is caused by the resultant bottleneck or how much harder whatever is left of the drug store staff needs to work to take up the slack. 
Too quick 
Numerous rapid drug specialists believe they're better a direct result of their capacity than clear a counterful of contents in a matter of seconds. These drug specialists assess different drug specialists on one foundation just: how quick they fill solutions. (Presently don't send me a furious email asserting that I like moderate drug specialists. I don't.) 
Do you concur with the perception that the quickest drug specialists make the most mistakes? Have you seen that some of those lightning-fast drug specialists who make heaps of mistakes quickly attempt to reprimand clients for not inquiring as to why the pills appear to be unique from the past refill? 
Huge numbers of these drug specialists are just worried about their own measurements. They couldn't care less that whatever is left of the staff needs to tidy up the chaos they leave afterward.